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Battery Care

This information notice is the property of Mobility Products Ltd (c) and has been written for the sole purpose of helping customers who are unsure if they have been charging their Mobility Scooter or Powerchair correctly.

Copying this material is an offence  


Important Notice


How to charge your scooter batteries properly


The Batteries on your mobility scooter are known as SLA

(Sealed Lead Acid)

They are aircraft friendly because they are non-spillable AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt)

This type of battery requires regular charging for long periods of time.

The first charge should be for a constant 24 hours and after that they should be charged for a constant 8 hours after every days use. If you use the scooter on a regular basis you can not overcharge the batteries.


Undercharging the batteries will shorten the battery life and leaving the batteries in an uncharged state will without fail cause them irreparable damage.

If you are unsure about how to care for the batteries properly please call us and we will try to explain in more depth how the batteries should be cared for.


The battery charging instructions in the Mobility Scooter Manual are more often than not incorrect.

Batteries are not covered by warranty if they have been undercharged and the above instructions have not been adhered to.


Leaving the batteries permanently on charge is not recommended

if the scooter is not used every day. If the scooter is left unused for a period of time the batteries should be charged once every 2 weeks for a timespan of 8 to 12 hours.

The lights on the battery charger differ from charger to charger and do not indicate that the batteries are fully charged.

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